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Outhouse Software was founded in November of 2000 with the goal of putting the "game play"
back into computer games. We are totally independent pc games developer and self publisher.
Developing 2D/3D games for both Windows and Linux operating systems. We believe in using
high quality graphics and original music score to enhance the game play experience of our games.
Our ultimate aim is simple "we want to make games that will rock your world"


There are currently no positions available at Outhouse Software.
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Info for Shareware Vendors
Any one may freely distribute the Shareware versions of Outhouse Software products via the Internet / CD-ROM or any
other medium. If you are a Shareware Vendor and would like to distribute any of our products, then please feel free to
to contact us at : outhousesoftware (at) hotmail (dot) com
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Please note only genuine serious enquiries need apply (no time wasters).

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