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The evil Gormandizer who lives in Pierre's inner-consciousness, has put 
Pierre into a deep restless sleep, in order to steal his creativity whilst he 
sleeps and re-sell it in the Gormandizer creativity can factory, without Pierre 
ever knowing.

Having now fallen into a deep slumber, Pierre finds himself stuck in his 
own nightmare and surrounded by evil menacing creatures, Pierre is troubled with the gruesome things which he sees and immediately, he attempts to awaken himself, but all attempts are done in vain, however as his troubles only seem to increase, in a moment of anxiety and confusion, Pierre somehow wishes up for himself a duck shaped gun, to wield against these phantasms, and regain his stolen creativity in order to continue his career as a famous revered artist. 

You must now guide Pierre through his nightmares and help him regain his stolen creativity, that has been scattered around through varying levels. Pierre's journey starts in the twisted woods, which lead him to the room of books, followed by the waterworks, which ultimately lead to the dueling Guzzler brothers, where you must fight the Guzzlers, to regain a small portion of your creativity.

Good luck in your quest for creativity!



system requirement
* PII 450 Processor 
* 64 Meg Ram
* 16 Meg Graphics Card
* Windows 95/98
* DirectX 6 or above
* DirectX compatible sound card
* Microsoft compatible mouse


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(Pierre's Nightmares first released 02 December 2002)

Screen Shots


Pierre's Nightmares uses Reality Factory. If you would like to get more in- depth insight into the engine and what Reality Factory can do, visit the official web site by clicking here.

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