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              Monday 31st December, 2001.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!. Thanks for supporting Outhouse Software and making it our best year yet. We hope you all enjoyed downloading our products and will continue to do so. We look forward to your support in the New Year. We will be starting the new year, with the release of our first 3D game. Details will be released soon...., so please watch this space. In the mean time, if you visit our website, please sign our guess book with any comments you may have. If you like the game music on our site, we will also be uploading some more music, so check it out and download. If you have any comments about the music, we would like to hear any comments you may have. Have a great new year and best wishes from Outhouse Software. More news soon.........


Saturday 22nd December, 2001.

Once again, We would like to thank everyone in "Korea" for down loading "Dorf The Destroyer" (Demo version). Thank you all for your continuous support of outhouse products. Super Roco Bros is now reaching 30,000 download mark, and is continuing to climb at a steady pace. We have just been able to translate our games reviews and would like to thank   Mr Gamsbok from Simmani.com for his kind reviews and thank you for selecting and trying out our games. You have helped to make this a great year for us. Thank you again and please feel to down load any or our future products. Best wishes for the New Year. If you visit, please feel free to sign our guest book as we would like to hear from you. Finally, we have uploaded a new flash puzzle game (Roco Jigsaw). Give it a try and have fun.!!!

Saturday 8th December, 2001.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year everyone. Roco Part 1 has passed the 27,000 down load mark on Simmani chart in Korea, and it is continuing to climb at a steady pace. Thank you Korea for making this a good year for Super Roco Brothers, and Outhouse Software. We have now uploaded the first game, in our "Flash Games Sections", called Dress The Gorbash!!. we hope you enjoy it. This year Darkernoid was published in Russia (www.compress.ru), on a CD in the October issue of Compress magazine. We hope you enjoyed our game. Hello to everyone in Russia. If you visit our site please feel free to down load our other games. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you all in Russia. We now have a guest book, please feel free to sign it with your comments, as we would like to hear any views you may have on your visit. We have also added the new "Final Fantasy Re-Mix Section" on our music page. Please feel free to listen to the re-mix's. If you have any views about the songs, please feel free to comment in our guest book. At the moment there are 3 tunes, but we are continuing to work on more tunes for your enjoyment. Meri Kurisumasu to every one in Japan.

Friday 23rd November, 2001.

Today we have had our first Japanese visitors. "Konichiwa from Outhouse software!!. Hello and welcome. We hope you will visit us again. We would also like to say a big HELLO to every one in Australia and New Zealand. Welcome and hope you'll be visiting outhouse again, soon. Also to let every one know that we are currently working on our first 3D project, which is coming along nicely in the early stages. Please watch this space for more updates, and more news soon........

Tuesday 20th November, 2001.

A big "Hello" to everyone around the globe! Thank you all for supporting 
Outhouse Software. Your continued support is much appreciated. Our 
new site is now completed we hope it will be an enjoyable experience. 
We would like to hear your opinions / views so please email us at 
We have also introduced a guest book for the first time. We look 
forward to reading your comments. Roco has finally made it to Brazil! A 
big "Hello" to Brazil! We hope you enjoy our products. Jake Blastem has 
made it to several Spanish Sites! A big hello to all in Spain! Blastem has 
also made it in Spain. We hope you enjoy it. Roco is still popular in 
Korea!! Thanks for your continues support for our product and a Big Hello to you all!
We hope you enjoy our new demo of "Dorf the Destroyer". We have 
also released the full version of Blokzone for FREE, we hope you enjoy it! 
As always your views / comments are always welcome so please email 
us at More news updates coming soon.
New Projects
We are currently working on a new 3d project, further details will be 
released soon so watch this space.....
We hope you enjoy our game music section. Please feel free to 
download the music. We have updated this page and added several new 
tracks. We hope you enjoy them! Coming Soon several remixes of the 
famous Final Fantasy tracks. Watch this space for more music news 
soon! Email us at with your views on our 
music or sign our guest book. 
More News
A big Olla to Daniel Navarro Medrano for writing the Div Games 
Studio. A big thanks to PC Utilities Magazine for publishing Jake Blastem 
Shareware on their issue 15 Cover CD. A big thanks to Bernhard 
Kalchmair (the best webmaster) for his work on Xenonaut community for 
game developers. Hope you find a new host soon! A big hello to Carsten 
Scheibe at TypeMania. A big Hello to Bob Mandel (senior games 
reviewer and self confessed shareware junkie) at the Adrenalin Vault for 
his possible shareware coverage of our games. A big hello to File Hungry 
a cool site to check out for shareware games. A big hello to Div France 
for awarding 5 stars for our Super Roco Bros game. 

9th September, 2001

South Korean giant web sites simmani.com and downkid.com have
uploaded Super Roco Bros to their servers.
Part 1 has had over 1500 downloads in the first 24 hour of introduction.
Both sites have given Super Roco Bros Part 1 and Part 2 rating of 8 out 
of 10.
FileTransit.com, has now a download link to Jake Blastem, and has given
it a rating of 4 out of 5.

7th September, 2001

The new look web site is now uploaded, with forum page added for the
benefit of all those interested in programming, and related topics.

5th September, 2001

Outhouse joins the Xenonaut. A community for game developers from
all over the world. Features a game archive, tutorials collection, and
links database.

3rd September, 2001

New title being developed, is "Dorf The Destroyer", a platform adventure
type game.

27th August, 2001

For all those customers who have ordered before 25th August, 2001,
the CD's will be dispatched as of Tuesday 28th August 2001. Once again,
many thanks to every one's patience, and hope you enjoy your games.

23rd August, 2001

Down load rate of Jake Blastem is currently running at over 1200, every
24 hours. CNET and ZDNET, have placed Jake Blastem on their down load 
links, while at the same time, 3DFiles.com, have also included a link for 
down load on their front page.
Episode 2 of Jake Blastem, called "Sextroix Strikes Back", is being 

18th August, 2001

With many thanks to our colleagues at DIV-ARENA, Pepe's Adventures
(which at this stage is work in progress), has had the following 
comments, on its first day available for down load.
"A very promising platformer!" - Mike Green 
Looks a helluva lot like a certain game that rhymes with zario :), " but I 
like that certain game very much, so keep up the good work!" -ion_tovi7 

16th August, 2001

Down load figures released covering 7 days period from 4th August 2001,
to 10th August 2001, inclusive, shows 1511 down loads of Super Roco 
Bros Part 2.

13th August, 2001

Payment conditions on purchasing any of our games has become easier.
The games can now be bought in US Dollars ($), as well as Pound 
Sterling (�).
Preliminary work on our first 3-D game has started. No name for the 
project as yet. We will update you on the progress, and DEMO release 

8th August, 2001

Work on Jake Blastem is finished, and you can down load the shareware version from the products page. Episode 1 is called "Divortans in Space", and,,,, watch out for the tele-porters.

6th August, 2001

Less than 40 hours of being submitted to gameXtazy, Super Roco Bros Part 2 passed the popular download mark. Darkernoid, reached the mark just after 48 hours. Links as follows:- 

4th August, 2001

In response to numerous requests regarding a tutorial on platform games, we have decided to release the source code for Super Roco Bros Part 1 shareware (contains 4 levels). If you are interested, feel free to download. 

1st August, 2001

DIV France gives Super Roco Bros, 5 stars rating. Comments and link as follows:- Dans le style Mario, on ne peut faire mieux, la r�solution est bof mais bon �a passe quand m�me... 

25th July, 2001

Super Roco Bros part 2 is now finished. The shareware version can be down loaded from our products page.

23rd July, 2001

Here at Outhouse software we are working on some great new titles which will be coming your way soon. For example we have just started work on Django a fast-paced spaghetti western-style parallax scrolling shoot'em up. In this game you must take on the role of Django a fearless hero out for revenge the man who scorned him. 
Django features the following :- 
* Ennio Morricone style music. 
* Great gun slinging whisky toting game play. 
* A huge list of bad guys which includes Mexican bandits, 
renegade cowboys, wild dogs, apache Indians and both. 
Mexican and US armies. 
* Stunning 256 colour artwork. 
* Many bonus's for you to collect.
Also in the pipe line is Pepe's Adventure, based on the Super Roco universe. As Pepe Roco, you must make your way across deserts, underground caves, deep forests and many other varied terrain's, all in the search of your brother Roco Roco.
Pepe's Adventure features the following :- 
* Digitized sound FX 
* Finally detailed sprites 
* A great musical soundtrack featuring Rasps, Tambourines, 
Shakers, Oboes, Sitars and Cowbells! 
* Cartoon style graphics 
* Platform fun for all the family 
* An entire world for you the explore 
* Super smooth 256 colour scrolling 
* Joy stick support.
We are also working on Super Roco Bros Part 2. Part 2 picks up from where the first part leaves ya!. Roco is stranded on gorbash island . With little news of Peano or his brother, Roco nevertheless continues on his heroic journey. Guide Roco once again over many new picturesque landscapes including India, Hawaii and The Evil Castle Of Peano!. Only one extremely brave person would dare to have travel as far as Roco, and to have done the things that he has done! Registered Super Roco part 1 User : YOU ARE THAT PERSON!
Super Roco Bros part 2 features the following :- 
* New characters for Roco to interact with 
* Fight against a huge end of game boss Peano himself! 
* New levels / badguys 
* Improved joystick support 
* Cartoon quality ending 
* New music
Other work in progress includes Jake Blastem Episode 1. The story is as follows, earth is being attacked by a race evil aliens known as the Divortan's. These interstellar travelers have opened a worm hole above earth's atmosphere and are preparing to attack. In an attempt
at stopping the Divortan's earth's only chance of survival rests on your shoulders! 
Jake Blastem features the following :- 
* Cool story 
* Huge levels 
* Scroll in any direction up / down / left /right 
* a wide array of bad guys 
* platform based puzzles 
* new objects such as lasers, tele-porters and switches 
* Superior Joystick support 
We will keep you up to date with all the latest outhouse software titles throughout their stages of development. for the latest screenshots of all the above games go to our gallery page. For the time being if you have any comments about our existing games. or would like more information of how to register the full versions email us at outhousesoftware@hotmail.com

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